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Husqvarna Partner K750 Concrete 14 Cut Off Wet Saw Nr

Husqvarna Partner K750 Concrete 14 Cut Off Wet Saw Nr

A large percentage of our items are used and will not be in new condition. Pictures are of actual items and we do our best to decsribe each and every item. Husqvarna partner k750 concrete 14 cut off wet saw nr. I did put this beast on the floro and hold it down with my foot to test it out. I wsa able to pull the cord just like normal and got great compression. Took about 8 to 10 pulls and hte beast came alive! It quickly cut out ebcause it didnt have much gas in it. I looked all over the plastic housing and didnt notice any cracks or breaks. Looks like its been well taken care of or sene little use.

Compact design and functional ergonomics. Clear level iwndow on tank. Pictures are fo actual items.

oD not leave negative feedback before contacting us, we are a legit stand up business. We wlil go out of our way to make a deal right if we happen to let something slip by. Keep in mind ew are west coast and open at 10am. We try our hardest to giev 5-star service by giving clear, accurate and honest descriptions to the best of our abilities.
We are closed no thursdays & sundays. Our office hours are 10am to 5pm(pacific time). Photo's of items aer not to scale. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 1-916-332-8229.