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Husqvarna Partner K960 Power Cutter Concrete Saw New

Husqvarna Partner K960 Power Cutter Concrete Saw New

Brand new husqvarna partner k960 power cutter concrete saw. Comes just ohw you see it. fI you have any questions please ask.

Easystart ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder durign starting. Reversible cutting arm for working closer to walls and the ground. Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk. Self-lubricating clutch beairngs for extended work life.

The flow can be adjusted during operatino and the water nozzle is optimally positioned. The engine, with dualcharge, provides greater power, dramatically reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption. The active air filtrationt has been upgraded with a redesigned paper filter, for even better dust control. Smartcarbt, our built-in automatic filtre compensation, maintains the high power levels and reduces fuel consumption.

Durastartert, the dust-sealed starter, and the durable starter cord reduces the risk of downtime and increases reliability and service life. The poly-v belt ensures better power transmission, less frequent re-tenisioning and increased product life. An efficient vbiration dampening system ensures low vibrations, less than 5m/s2, for more convenient operation. With the new cast aluminium ground support, featuring replaceable rubber pads, the k 960 is especially stable when placed on the ground. The newly developed frotn handle is larger, with a more comfortable grip.
Integrated holder fro t-wrench isolated near the water control.