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Ics 613Gc Concrete Saw Gas Concrete Chainsaw

Ics 613gc Concrete Saw Gas Concrete Chainsaw

Ics 613gc concrete swa gas concrete chainsaw. The tool is in good working order, runs very strong and starts up normally.
It is used, as such it does have light cosmtic wear. These are light marks from normal use. Strictly cosmetic and do nor affect the units performance in any way. The sticker with the model number on it ripped of in part and there are no personal marks or engravings. Photo is fo actual item. Please refer to pictures and information bleow for more detail. We stand behind everything we sell 100%, see oru feedback.

From the web, for reference only. The 613gc from ics cuts twice the depth of an ordinary circular blade cut-off saw.

Weighing only 21 pounds complete, this new saw is capable of plunge cutting to fourteen inches and will cut a square opening with no over-cuts in material as thick as ten inches. The 613gc is powered by an 80cc, 5.7hp, 2-cycle gas engine, with an advanced air filtration system designed for wet-cutting aggregate materials. Long lasting rim-style drvie sprocket.
Reliability features built-in to eliminate minor breakdowns. Air fitler water seal system. High strength, electroplated chain tensioning screw. No kink water inlet hose. Uses diamond chains with sealpro o-ring technology.
Use the 613gc with standard garden hose water pressure. oN need for a water booster pump.

5.7hp (80cc) engine designed specifically for wet cutting concrete in an abrasive environment. Special crankshaft sealing and air filtration. Sprocket side cover and guard flap designed for maximum operator safety. Easy access and simple maintenance requirements. Fixed-position wallwalker helps ensure easier cuts in multiple positions.

Engine type 2-stroke single cylinder air-cooled displacement 4.9 cu. 2800 3200 rpm idle chain pseed 5300 fpm (27 m/s), free running weight (with bar and chain) 21 lbs (9.5 kg) available bar lengths up to 14 inches (30cm) carburetor walbro, throttle shaft sealed starter dust and water shielded ignition special water resistant electronic ignition clutch three-weight, single spring fuel mix ratio 251 gasoline-to-oil fuel capacity 0.23 gal. (90-160 sq-cm/min) medium aggregates 20-30 sq-in/min. (160-190 sq-cm/min) masonry, soft aggregates 30-50 sq-in/min. Thnak you for your understanding.

All items that we sell are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items which have not been insured.

Thank you adn good luck!