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Partner K650 Active Ii 12 Gas Cutoff Saw Excellent

Partner K650 Active II 12 Gas Cutoff Saw Excellent

This is a used partner k650 active ii 12 gas cut off saw. Its been completely gone through and completely overhauled. And will preform like new. Its recently receivde new piston, cyl. Rebuld kit, spark plug, filters, and more. It's in great shape and i guaranty it to run like new. I only sell quality cehck out my feedback. This is a great deal!
This saw sells for between $850 to $1000. This saw is excellent on concrete, steel, almost anything you want to cut even wood with a carbide blade.

There are many good saws but partner is easy ot work on and nicely balanced. Because this is a gas two stroke engine the gas has to be mixed with saw mix oil. Dont wait it wont last! 10 brand new in the box profesisonal grade 12 metal cutting dewalt blades.

Idle speed, rpm 2 500. Speed, unloaded, rpm 9 750 250. Spark plug chamipon rcj-7y /. Nkg bpmr 7a ngk bpmr 7a. Fuel capacity, litre/us pint 0,7/2.1. Without fuel and cutting blade, kg/lb 9,3 kg (20,5 lb).