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Stihl Ts510 14 Concrete Cut Saw Ts 510 Great Shape Nr

Stihl Ts510 14 Concrete Cut Saw Ts 510 Great Shape Nr

Stihl ts510 14concrete cut off saw. This ts 510 saw is in great shape fro this type of tool, the photos speak for themselves. This has been cleaned and reconditioned. It is equipped with solid state ignition, speed governor to prevent over speed of blade, anti-vibration handles and a 14blade guard. This model is a big powerufl saw and is suited for heavy-duty cutting. The compression is very solid when you pull it over and need to use the compression release when starting. This is ready ot work for you, it would be difficult to find another ts510 this nice. These stihl engines are designed to withstand tough operating conditions compared to other small engine applications.

The ts510 model is more suited ofr deep cutting than the ts 400/460. At about 90 cc, and 5.5 hp, this has also more power and torque than the ts 400/460, it is just one step below the ts 760. It handles a 14 cutting blade better than the ts400/460, because of the longer stroke engine giving it more lugging torque at a lower engine speed. I belieev this engine has the longest life of any of the stihl cut-off saw due to the heavy duty engine that does not have to rev so high to get power and its simple operation is not complicated and compromised by current epa emission laws.

This model has very few plastic parts compared to current stihl models. This is serviced easily and is a professional model the crankshaft bearings etc are also larger than current stihl models. It starts with just a couple pulls and on the first pull when warmed up. It has a stable easy idle. The saw has been tested and checked under a load, before listing to make sure it operates normally such as start, idle, operation of levers & switches power under load operation of clutch new stihl air filter carburetor cleaning & adjust, compression check condition of engine and drive belt bearings.
The actual outward condition of the saw can be seen in the photos. These saws cost over $1000 new. Ts 510 stilh 14 cutquik.
Stihl's powerful cut-off machine 14 version. Guaranteed not doa just use the proper 2 cycle mix 32/1 recommended.
lAl items are tested before listing. After this 24-hour period all sales are final. No exceptions will be made to this policy. Thakn you for your business.