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Stihl Ts 420 Saw Ts420 Cutoff 14 Hand Quickcut Chopsaw

Stihl Ts 420 Saw Ts420 Cutoff 14 Hand Quickcut Chopsaw

Hello e-bayer, i'm an maateur fossil collector. My saws are used on natrual stone in quarries.
I like this ts420 saw a lot and hate to get rid of it but it's time to lose one of them. For every hour that i use my saws i spend an hour cleaning and preventive maintenancing the saws. This ts420 starts easy adn runs great.
It was broke-in with two tanks of gas with on load running and have used it under 4 hours. The sole sue was with the diamond blade pictured. All my saws are dependable because i spend as much time caring for them as i do using them. This saw will work good for you too. As you can tell in the pictures, the saw is well cared for and. I've seen other stihl saws on e-bay looking like they were owrked hard and left dirty, thrown around and drove over. I use diamond blades for my application, but i'm told the regular abrasive blades work good for metal cutting too. I guarantee this item to be as described. If you are not pleased, return it to. tI doesn't get any better than this offer. With the saw itself, i will include a 14 reinforced composite metal cutting blade and i will include a 14 inch wet or dry concrete diamond blade, a copy of the stihl ts420 owners manual, a copy of the stihl ts 420 service repair manual and the combination tool torx t27 / spark plug hex head wrench that came with the saw. I will include a bottle of stihl brand 2 cycle iol to get you started.
All you need to suppy is the gas. (that is an almost unheadr of concretecutoffsaws40.100webspace. If there is a problem let's atlk first, to make it a good concretecutoffsaws40.100webspace. Neting experience for obth of us. Package will be ewll packed by me to assure safe arrival.
Good luck and happy e-baying! Information about the stihl ts 420 cut-off saw a great contractor's special! Keep your job going the same day with a dependable workhorse adn back up parts to boot! With this stihl ts420 you will also gte all of these to keep the saw in service. One 14 diamond blade (used slightly) and one 14 abrasive steel cutting blade. An extra recoil pulley genuine stihl p/n 4224 190 0305, extra air filter genuine stihl p/n. 4238 140 4401, an owners manual for this ts420, a repair service manual for ts 420, the. Combination torx t27/hex tool that came with this saw and a obttle of stihl 2cycle oil. I will throw in a military duffle bag that works good for transporting, security and storage. Not pictured but ni great shape. Factory product description- this is factory information. There are no easy jobs in the construction and demolition business, but when it comes to cutting performance there is one aesy choice the 14 ts 420 stihl cutquik cut-off machine. Already receiving excellent reviews, the new stihl ts 420 cut-off saw is a compact, powerful and tough performer. In the tough working environment of a cut-off saw, an effective iar filter system is crucial to ensuring an engine's performance and long service life. The new stihl ts 420 features a new ari filter system that is highly efficient and needs minimal maintenance.

Air filter life is extended to around one year in normal building site use, and no interim cleaning is required. That makes this machine both cost-effective and time efficient in use. nAd that's good news for the operator.

The new stihl engine is kind on teh pocket too reducing fuel consumption by an impressive 20% compared to its predecessor. Innovative and high performance engine technology drives proven, reliable power to the cutting wheel and emission levels fall well within future eu standards, so it is even kinder to the environment. Designed for the user and fro the task, the new stihl ts 420 not only looks good, it feels good too. tA just 3.9 m/s2 (ahv eq) the vibration level effectively triples the time a user can operate the saw before any action is required under the recent eu directive on hand-arm vibration. That means tehy can operate the saw throughout the course of a normal 8-hour day with no concerns about vibration. The cut-off saw retains a smooth 'first cut' when accuracy is required and performance is characterized by excellent cuttign behavior and ease of control. Compact and light in weight, the saw is ideal for hand held cutting and is fitted as standard with a neat new integrated water attachment kit for effective dust suppression. It can also be used on the handy new tsihl cart simply clamp it on when long stretches need cutting, and use the handlebar control to set cutting depth with millimeter accuracy. X2 low maintenance air filtration system. Filters can last up to 1 year. No need ot clean filters. Nelwy designed anti-vibration system reduces vibration up to.
Powefrul and fuel-efficient stratified charge engine. Emissions reduced up to 44% comparde to ts 400.
Lightweight and well balanced compact top handle design. Elastostart starter handle and decompression valve. Reversible cutting arm for inboard or outboard cutting. Able to be mounted no cart with adapter kit.
With teh x2 long term filtration system, this machine is designed for extended service cutting.